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Colombo Office:
No.40, Waragoda Estate, Kelaniya 11600

Factory Address:
Seegiris Watta, Mawathagama 60060,
Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Question!

Do you deliver outside Sri Lanka?

Through this website, we only serve our products within Sri Lanka. For overseas export orders or product requirements kindly WhatsApp to +94773149237 or email to We shall calculate the shipping cost and give you a comprehensive detail.

Can I purchase goods below Rs.999?

No. We only provide you free delivery within Sri Lanka for purchases above Rs.999. So you can couple few products and ensure the cart value is above Rs.999 to enjoy free delivery.

Do you accept Returns?

If any products have been damaged during deliveries you can always return. For any matter you can always call +94773149237. We will assist you

Is Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil dangerous for deep frying?

No. Above statement is a fact related to virgin olive oils, because they are made of 80% unsaturated fats. So when high heat is applied virgin olive oil breaks apart and has the risk of forming cancer causing trans-fats. On the other hand all types of coconut oil (from conventional to extra virgin) are made up of 90% medium chain saturated fats, and virgin coconut oil is heat stable in heavy deep frying. Coconut oils do not transform into trans-fat.

What is MCT Coconut Oil, is it used for cooking?

When the rapid burning fats are separated out from virgin coconut oil, the name given to this special oil is “MCT Coconut Oil”. It can be used as a salad dressing, for cooking and frying as well. But MCT Coconut oil is mostly used as a supplement for Keto diet and bulletproof coffee creamer.

How long will it take to deliver my goods and How to Pay?

We use our own vehicles and Sri Lankan courier services for our deliveries in Sri Lanka. Your products will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 working days from the day of your purchase confirmation. You can pay in cash at the moment you receive our products. Or you can opt for Card or Online payments.

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